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Our Philosophy

"The soul never thinks without a picture"
- Aristotle Deep, huh?

Stories are the currency of human contact so whether developing commercials, brand videos, video campaigns, sponsored content, animations, or corporate videos we always start and end with the question “what story are we telling?” From there it’s pretty simple: find the best way to tell it. As a creative development and content production agency, we provide end-to-end video services with some of the best writers, producers, directors, editors, and cinematographers in the universe.*

*This applies only to the current, known universe.
We cannot speak to the talent and creativity of content creators
in other star systems or any potential multi-verse scenario.

Our Work

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Our Team

Will Allen

Creative Director

Will is the founder of Never Without a Picture and a multi-disciplinary creative. His career as a filmmaker began in New York City. After graduating college in Brooklyn he started work directing Witch Orphans, a documentary about the ritualistic murder of the "witch" children in Angola. Since then he has worked from coast to coast and around the world as a producer, director, photographer, animator and editor on projects large and small. Whether creating narrative films, viral marketing, or corporate videos his talent is using imagery, story, and technique to help clients bring an idea to life. Will consults for Ministry of Culture and is a member of the Westsider's Story Collective and Barefoot Theatre Co. He spends his free time riding his horse in Oregon.

Kurt Rodeghiero

Chief Producer + Director

Kurt has worked on both the creative and business sides of film and theater for over a decade. In addition to directing work, he has covered scripts for Abbot Management and provided story consultation for CLJ Films projects "Craigslist Joe" and "The Schedule Makers", an ESPN 30 for 30 short. He helps brands focus their message and find clear and unique ways to tell their story. He also spends way too much of his free time doing improv theater.

Cristina Fernandez

Chief of Internal Affairs + Casting

Cristina is a multi-media talent with an MFA from CalArts. She has been a television host on shows for NBC, Fuse, and NBA TV. Her voiceover work has been heard in animated TV shows, commercials, radio, video games, and web series. She is an actor, director and performer. She joins Never Without a Picture with a deep knowledge of casting and access to some of the most exciting and diverse artists, actors, and presenters in the universe.

Adam Weinberg


Adam is a cinematographer and photographer. He started his career producing and editing truncated versions of TV shows for broadcast on BBC America, and soon after worked as an editor for CollegeHumor TV, crafting web-based comedy shorts that have hundreds of thousands of views. Adam created consumer insight documentaries for NBC, MTV, ESPN, and Starbucks. He's been recognized for his work as director of photography on the music video for the Neighbors' 'Long Time Gone'. In his free time, Adam studies lens characteristics and makes music on his phone.

Garrison Patrick

Chief Animator & Designer

Garrison was born in the lowlands of Scotland and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. He is a graduate of the University of Sao Paolo in Brazil where he studied illustration. After University he had a successful career in Caracas as a video installation artist. His award-winning installation "La Broma Mas Grande" is still touring with his former studio in Venezuela.

Eli Pictureman

Chief Spirit Animal

Eli Pictureman was born on Montgomery Place in Park Slope, Brooklyn to a single mother, Annie Bruce Pictureman. Afflicted from an early age by a severe case of wanderlust, he has trotted the globe ever since leaving home at the tender age of 4 days old. For more information about Eli visit his map of misadventures.

The Misadventures of Eli Pictureman


Eli Pictureman is a constant at Never Without a Picture... for better or worse. While on location Eli always weasels his way onto the crew and woos us with grand declarations of “collaboration,” “vision,” and “creative input.” Yet, by the end of every production the only trace of Eli is a stack of selfies, too many new “friends”, and a questionable expense report. Anyway, here’s a photo map of his revelry while we were busy working.

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